Dispositif pédagogique

The French-Cypriot school is following the French syllabus implemented by the French Ministry of Education.

The pupils of one given class can follow two different paths and attend joint classes or group classes in certain subjects according to their choice .

In the French-speaking section, most of the classes are taught in French language. Of course, all the pupils learn English and Greek (plus German and Spanish from the 3rd year of secondary school). Some subjects (Art, Sport) are taught in English or Greek.

In the Greek-speaking section, the syllabus is the same but more hours are taught in Greek language.

Check out the timetables and teaching contents for Dispositif_Primaire_FR.pdf.

Check out the timetables and teaching contents for Dispositif_Secondaire_FR.pdf.

The syllabuses for all levels are available on the eduscol website.