What is it ?
"Roots and Wings", what is it ?

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Since September 2017 and until Jumy 2020, our school is engaged in an Erasmus + K2 project. Four european partners are involved:

  • The French-Cypriot school
  • The Albert Camus School (Tourcoing-France)
  • Pierre Mendès France college (Tourcoing-France)
  • Istituto Comprensivo "Gandhi" (Florence-Italy)


The mail goal of this project is the exchange of good pratices on two themes : the fight against an academic failure and parenthood. To do so, the partners will think together around two major axes :


  • To develop collaborative pedagogy so that students can participates in elaborating contents and class activities. Also to develop initiatives, responsabilities and students cooperation. Therefore, Roots are the school skills.
  • It has been observed that families are not sufficiently in their children school experience and hence this project aims to improving it, by developing communication softwares to open up to families. Therefore, Wings are the parents.