Higher Secondary school is composed by three levels:

  • Class of Seconde, with direct teaching
  • Classes of Première and Terminale, teaching regulated by CNED

EFCN offers three different orientations:

EFCN offers three different orientations:

  • "ES" Series (Social Studies & Economics)
  • "L" Series (Literature)
  • "S" Series (Sciences)

These orientations are subject to change for new students due to the educational reform of Higher Secondary School. The orientations will disappear and all students will have:

  • Common teaching (main subjects)
  • 3 specialisations subjects in 1ère and 2 in Terminale
  • Optional subjects (the list will be announced shortly)

The choice of specialisations and options will define the baccalauréat, which will be taken in consideration when choosing higher education.

Teaching of Modern Greek is a continuations of hellénophone (Academic Path) offered at earlier stages.

The objective of this academic path is to obtain the Baccalauréat and be prepared for higher education.


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