The French-Cypriot School welcomes students in Kindergarten from the age of 2 years old. There are four different levels:

  • Toute Petite Section (TPS)
  • Petite Section (PS)
  • Moyenne Section (MS)
  • Grande Section (GS)

The role of Kindergarten

The role of Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the first essential step in a student's academic path. It includes the first cycle of initial knowledge (Cycle 1). The main objective is for children to become pupils.

The main mission of pre-primary education is to motivate children to go to school in order to learn new things, discover and develop their personalities. Developing their language capacities in speaking and discover writing, numeracy and other domains of knowledge. At this stage, they learn through games, thinking, problem-solving, exercising and memorising.

By playing and participating in educational activities, children who enrol kindergarten learn to socialise and live together.

Learning in Kindergarten

Learning in Kindergarten

In Kindergarten, teaching is organised in five learning domains:

  • Using language in all its dimensions.
  • Act, express, understand through a physical activity.
  • Act, express, understand through an artistic activity.
  • Build first tools to construct thinking.
  • Explore the world.



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